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🎉 Holiday Bell Basket Design Contest 🎉

Are you ready to weave your way into the holiday spirit? Get your creative juices flowing with the Holiday Bell Basket Design Contest brought to you by Williams Family Mill!

🧺 Contest Details 🧺

📦 Contestants must purchase the Holiday Bell Basket Weaving Kit from Williams Family Mill.

💡 Alternatively, if you prefer to use your own cane, you can purchase the mold, rim, and base separately.

📸 Snap a picture of your completed masterpiece and email it to us at Williams Family Mill.

🌐 All entries will be proudly displayed on our website, allowing everyone to vote for their favorite.

🥇 Prizes 🥇

The entry with the most votes will win:

  • A $150 gift certificate for shopping on the Williams Family Mill website.

  • The winning design will be featured for sale on our website.

💰 Additional Benefits 💰

Whenever the winning design is sold as a kit, the winner will receive payment for the cost of the pattern.

📈 Customers can purchase the winning pattern separately, with proceeds going directly to the talented winner.

🗓️ Important Dates 🗓️

  • Submissions open on September 18th.

  • Submissions close on October 14th.

📣 Winner Announcement 📣

Join us on October 18th at 8 PM Eastern Time on our Facebook page for the exciting announcement of the winner!

Unleash your creativity, weave your holiday magic, and have a chance to be the star of Williams Family Mill. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to showcase your talent and win prizes! 🌟

Click here to purchase a kit.

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