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Hatteras Inspired Lighthouse kit

Hatteras Inspired Lighthouse kit

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Drawing inspiration from the iconic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, our Complete Lighthouse Basket Weaving Kit embodies the spirit of this legendary structure. The design pays homage to the striking architecture and maritime heritage of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, a beacon of light that has guided countless sailors through treacherous waters.

The intricate weaving pattern included in the kit mirrors the distinctive black and white stripes that adorn the lighthouse, capturing its unique charm and character. As you weave each strand, you'll feel a connection to the rich history and nautical allure that the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse represents.

The finished basket, standing at 11 inches tall, echoes the elegance and grandeur of the lighthouse itself. Display it proudly as a testament to your weaving skills and as a reminder of the enduring beauty and significance of this beloved landmark.

Experience the joy of bringing together craftsmanship and the captivating allure of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse with our Complete Lighthouse Basket Weaving Kit. Immerse yourself in the art of basketry while paying tribute to a true American maritime icon.


The 3D-printed mold is reusable so you only need to purchase one, and you can weave countless versions of this kit. 

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