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Butterfly Haven

Butterfly Haven

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We are introducing our exclusive limited edition "Butterfly Haven" Basket Weaving Kit, a masterpiece crafted with meticulous care and artistic precision. Only ten of these exquisite kits will ever grace the hands of artisans and crafts enthusiasts worldwide. Each piece is a testament to the beauty of handcraftsmanship and bears the signature touch of our skilled artisan.

At the heart of this kit lies a lid adorned with a stunning relief of a delicate butterfly, expertly carved and hand-painted to capture every intricate detail. The lid is a captivating centerpiece, elevating your woven creation into a work of art.

Every Butterfly Haven Basket, Weaving Kit component, has been carefully curated to ensure an exceptional crafting experience. Each element, from the sturdy slotted base to the perfectly fitted rim, has been thoughtfully designed to facilitate your creative journey. The reusable mold simplifies the weaving process, allowing you to bring your vision to life quickly.

The kit also includes a generous supply of weaving cane and an easy-to-follow pattern, empowering you to weave your masterpiece with confidence and flair. Whether you're a seasoned artisan or a novice enthusiast, the Butterfly Haven Basket Weaving Kit offers an unparalleled opportunity to indulge in the timeless art of basketry.

Indulge your creative spirit and secure your place among the fortunate few to own one of these exclusive creations. Each kit is numbered and personally signed by the artist, making it a cherished collector's item for years. Experience the magic of craftsmanship with the Butterfly Haven Basket Weaving Kit — where artistry meets imagination.


If you already have one of our 6 inch molds, this kit can be purchased without the mold. 

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